“At Home with etúHOME” for breakfast + lunch + dinner

Home Sweet Home. I absolutely love my family + my home, but none of us could have ever predicted this time of quarantine + shelter in place directive that has left us no choice but to make the most of this “new normal.” For many, it has meant spending much more time in the kitchen preparing meals several times a day.

I consider myself lucky. My kitchen has always been my happy place + a space in my home where I relish having my family together. However, preparing three meals a day at home, from scratch, can be stressful + intimidating. But, you too can find solace in your kitchen during an uncertain time + I’m here to help.

I’ve partnered with etúHOME to help inspire your inner chef. I’ve created three easy + tasty recipes – for breakfast + lunch + dinner – that utilize the everyday staples you have in your pantry + refrigerator. And, best of all, these recipes can be prepped + cooked + served + stored in etúHOME’s wood top canisters, meaning less mess + fewer dishes to clean. I call that a W I N  – W I N !

The Bianca Wood Top Canisters are the perfect combination of durability, functionality + timeless design. They are gorgeous pieces that go from my refrigerator to my oven to my table top flawlessly. I use them daily for meal prep + food storage. Whether it’s assembling overnight oats for breakfast the next morning or throwing together a simple + delicious pasta bake for a family dinner, these canisters are a dream come true for any home cook!

My Overnight Oats are hearty + healthy + creamy + delicious. And, they can be made using staples from your pantry + refrigerator. Breakfast is served in the small Bianca Wood Top Canister!

My Layered Salad + Zesty Vinaigrette is packed with variety of fresh vegetables + tuna + chickpeas + assembled in the medium Bianca Wood Top Canister. It’s a hearty + healthy + flavorful option for lunch! The beauty of this layered salad is that you can use any protein and vegetables you have on hand. A shredded chicken or pork would work well in lieu of the tuna. And, any type of canned bean would great in this recipe. Just remember to layer your proteins on the bottom, followed by your vegetables and save your leafy greens for the top so they won’t get soggy sitting in the vinaigrette. 

My Zesty Baked Pasta is a simple + delicious meal the whole family will love! This hearty pasta is made with fresh vegetables + topped with meatballs. It goes from oven to table, seamlessly, in the large Bianca Wood Top Canister.

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